Thursday, January 16, 2014


*p/s : i know i am being injustice towards my usim`s friends.

exam dan amanah

Exam dah habis, jadi puas hati kau??

Kemudian nak bertawakkal atas usaha tak seberapa??

Ok, akhirnya mampu bernafas dan kekal selesa di zon selesa. Harapnya kau mampu menggunkan cuti yang berbaki ini untuk kau hadapi keputusan sem yang mendatang.

Oh kejap, aku lupa.

Sem depan ada lawatan ke beijing, duit dah ada?

Pembentangan SME internship yang tak berapa kau nak komited

Banananana enactus usim yang tak mula mula lagi,

Banyak sungguh kerja yang half-heartedly done, padan lah Allah bagi deposit siap siap waktu exam.

Mohon untuk terus bernyawa untuk melangsaikan amanah yang berbaki ini.

Ingat, ini amanah. Kau yang nak kan?, jadi jangan tergedik gedik berpeluk tubuh.

Okay aku lupa program 10,000 langkah tak lagi settle kertas kerjanya

*ini tertekan

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

baru update


Apa khabar lama sungguh tak update blog. Dulu pernah berniat kalau ada tablet, sambil duduk minum coolblog pun boleh taip update terkini.

Malangnya tak pernah buat, sampai setahun usia tablet ni.

Ya, sekarang musim exam, tahun 3, rasa sekejap je masa berlalu. Dan semester ni baru kau tau erti betapa susahnya nak lulus. Ya, orang dah biasa kat atas kan, tak biasa duduk di bawah.

Tahun 3 ni la emosi sebagai remaja bergelora, berduka seorang, bergembira seorang. Orang pura-pura tahu, hakikatnya dia tak tahu.

U got what i mean?

They act like they know u, even they weren't.!! Okay ini translate

Apa pun, doakan kejayaan kami.

Tahun 3 ni , apa yang aku tahu, kadang2 keadilan tu sukar dikecapi. Contoh, kau jawab kuiz seorang diri, kononnya kau nak tengok kefahaman kau, end up, mrkah kuiz rendah.

Dan apa orang lain tengok,

Ini satu peluang, dan bagaimana mereka bereaksi, ku tak nk cakab, ini kekecewaan.

I never enjoy my student life. It is what i feel now.

Sabar, mudah diungkap.

Friday, September 7, 2012


dah,guer malas nak tulis benda panjang2, nak cakap je, tahun ni seronok beraya,
kawan mesir balik Malaysia, malangnya,it's not a complete family yet, because mirol and yuyun
had do something more important than raya-ing with their lovey-dovey buddy

let the pics speak itself
me & aziz on our way to klang from terminal one

shiro's house

girls had a good time together

mee kari time,

camwhoring while waiting our girls to finish their lipat telekung

meet the shuriddin


semua bergumbira

everybody freak out

keletihan beraya

Monday, August 6, 2012

showing off

Congratulation to me, oh yahhh, thank you to everyone who're involved in my success especially my fellow lecturer from tamhidi, 1st semester, and also 2nd semester, my classmates (TAC4,BMB2 and also TMB1),
thank u of helping me to maintain my CGPA. 

Alhamdulillah, may this result would help me to fulfill my dream to be an academician. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

U wanna be on top?


Nak tunjuk sesuatu ni, selamat tengok la ya,

Doakan sem ni naik pentas lagi ya, :D,. mengharap sangat. mari sama-sama bertukar doa.

our very first time class outing


it's been a while I haven't update my blog, (=.=) this thing happen because I have such a hustling and bustling
along the semester, so I couldn't find any ample time to fill in to create my post. (=.=)

*actually not because i couldn't find it, I have it but i utilize it to gossip with my acacia's mates.almost everyday,hewhewhew

And now I've got the chance to do it , ya, I should said i feel my blog more private and i feel totally insecure if I create my post and at the same time, my friends keep watching it,its kinda lost of privacy. I need it.
Truthfully, my character is totally different from inside and outside. People know me as a person who're outspoken, candid and also bring the positive energy to my circle.

In contrast, my writing is more schematic, proper language used, and sometimes it's emotionally appeal.Thus, I suppose totally feel uncomfortable if my friends read prior imma writing my blog post. (=.=)

Back to my story, about my class plan.Frankly, it was our first attempt to hold the class outing together even though we've been together for quite a while. We're planning to sg. gabai together with Ustaz Aidi Mufti,(our former arabic language teacher). We went there with 3 kancils, one saga and one big nissan vanette that can fit 10 people in it. Big applause to our big sister ,Zulaika Zulkepli for being a van driver which meant me, myself wouldn't afford to drive it. It's manual though,.(=.=)

girls,we wanna have fun~

zu meratap nasib van

wan was distress

and hanis asking some money to fix the van


the one who got away from track


kan dah cakap,zu pemandu berwibawa

We supposed to depart at 7 in the morning, but due to the several unfavorable circumstances, we finally departed at 10.all these because of the broken van, and we had to call the owner to fix it. Glad to hear after all had been fixed up, the owner would let us used his van for free :D, but for us it wouldn't be nice if we just used them without being charge, then, we decided to claim the RM30 refund,.

later we started our journey, as usual I have to become the GPS, and it's really stressed me out because if any mistakes or decision I made, I have to take the responsibility.T_T. Luckily, we reached there without being out of the track or whatsoever, except in mek ti case, she had to deal with of being slow. huhu

Once we reached there, we're straight to the 4th floor i guess, and set up our fireplace for barbecue.There, all the boys really had their fun of 24/7 swimming,soaking, skating on the so-called "gelongsor", menawhile just 5 girls still remain on the fire to prepare our lunch.
our local tour guide

me and mal

hajar and me

boys finally showed up

The last trip--kinda scary movie,haha

miss gojes, mallllll!

hanis si mak anjang

ni lah gelongsor

she never see water


what she's looking for?

In our trip, the most unforgivable thing happened to me is I forgot to recharge my camera, and end up my camera went out of battery at the moment we at Gabai.T_T, so better for me to recharge my camera before I go to any trip.this thing resulting to fewer pictures were taken,,..=.=

-We really had nice trip and nice class members, and hope we're able to hold this kind trip again in future