Tuesday, January 31, 2012

old-time-story, and now i have the chance to share it

the happy+proud spouse
guer perashan
tiga beladik
one happy family at home

#p/s: these  are actually the photo of my bro's graduation,so please don't misunderstand , we(the family members) just want to have the experience of graduation,so that's why we put the robe on each of us,hahaha,  when will be my turn???

Monday, January 30, 2012


tadi, baru je habis ELSP,kami mengakhiri elsp dengan persembahan musammarah.
musammarah ni kira macham choral speaking  versi bajasa arab la,walaupun
masa latihan memang tak cukup,tapi alhamdulillah kami menang,..bersyukur sangat-sangat.
ahli kumpulan pun sangat komited, kanak-kanak fizik gunaan memang terbaik,
persembahan tidak dapat dirakam atas alasan, orang yang ditugaskan untuk merakam
tak tau macham mana nak rakam via i-pad,.sob,sobb,sob

 semua memegang prop
 guer di tengah-tengah,ada nampak,.haha
 sebelum bertanding,warm-up dulu
hamper ter"mahal"

Monday, January 23, 2012

30 things about me

1-my name is mohamad siddiq bin ibrahim
2-i am 20 years old,yet it is not a good news
3-i like bon jovi's songs,
4-i can't stop myself from watching the same video all the time
5-i can speak arabic and also english
6-i hate my old-school
7-i love cat,and i don't mind if they bite or scratch me
8-i always imaging that i am able to hit the high note
9-i have few friends,and most of them are girls
10-i admire someone from my former school
11-kesuma is the most exhilarating and relaxing place for me
12-i love twitter more than facebook
13-i can;t stop myself from hating teachers and peers in samb***
14-people use to looking down at me during secondary school
15-the place that i always dream to be in is "meja gosip 5 khaldun" all the fresh gossips are here.
16-i hate drinking milk
17-i am become addicted to runningman
18-my favourite body part is my eyes, big and stunning
19-i love the smell of new books as compared to the smell of expensive fragrances.
20-my hobby is camwhoring with the webcam,and also playing pokemon all over again.
21-i still can;t adapt with the situation where i am.
22-i love learning account,but i am not sure whether i have an interest to be an accountant
23-my favourite colors are brown , green and red
24-my favourite car is yellow beetles
25-i am very sensitive and allergic with the dust,
26-my favourite comic is detective conan
27-my favourite anime is fairytail
28-i have less than 50 contact numbers
29-i love my mom more than my dad
30-today i need to attend ALSP for a week,=.=

Saturday, January 21, 2012

tak perlulah kot

kat facebook ni memang aku kuat merepek,tapi rasanya tak perlulah aku meminta maaf
sebab komen benda merepek kat post yang merepek

Friday, January 20, 2012


lately,i've found this  this really fun,and i can't help myself from stop playing with it

early marriage

i know i am single,so i don't give any damn about the early marriage.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wordless wednesday

rabu yang kurang berkata-kata


ALSP stands for Arabic Language Supporting Program,this program is compulsory
to every usimians for, if we don't have enough attendance for this program,it'll
affect our future,yessss usim is quite complicated.the contents of the program still not being unveiled yet,like the previous year,they need to do some outdoor activities ,for instances commercial film for the product, promoting
the tourism places, for sure those activities cost us a lot.imma not sure if we still need to do this thing again since i've done it in my class for my carry marks,and for tourism i spend almost RM250 for it.we need to spend by our
own money since the university does not provide any  budget for it.The most worst part is the video-editing.
Honestly, imma not good in video editing,and my first attempt is during the tourism promotion video. we spend our day and night to finish them but the result is still not so satisfactory. we do realize we've lot of weaknesses points especially in our script. Al the nahu(grammar in arabic) are messing everywhere and  we are not sure either our viewers understand them or not.
i really hope for our ALSP,there'll be not such this ridiculous activities,and we merely doing some kind of indoor activities like arabic debate, or may be  just mini drama project for arabic that shooting place will be within our campus,and above of all we don't have to spend much money like what we have did before in class.

some pictures during our outdoor activities for tourism promotion:

 of course we're at 4 seasons country
 me,bajet retiss
me discussing our "project"
 bajet ada stalker
imma not in -good kiddo list-

the good news for me,ELSP(English Language Supporting Program), i've got the exceptional because from what i know,students with band 3 and above are not compulsory to attend it,.=)).so i can enjoy another 1 week of holiday from being involved in those crappy things,..

#somebody can help me,i couldn't upload my video,i really want t share it to you,.=.=

THE END of semester 1

yesterday was my last paper MEA2013 (business economics)
truthfully i am not as ready as i use to be, since i've bought this new lappy , my laziness
is something that inevitable even though i;ve tried my best to avoid it.
if imma not mistaken, a day before, i  forced myself to watch some drama till imma not realized
that actually i've just finished the whole season of the series,.
last saturday, me,shiro(pelat) and semah( mok we) went  to giant just to have the simple meeting
because we're never hanging out together before,since the sem 1 started.
we've talked about something that i never knew before, and thanked to shiro because she revealed it
quite a lot, and then i've realized how ignorant i am before.

may be,before i end up my very first post for my new blog,i should share some of my photos in this semester.Alhamdulillah, imma so glad to have them to be my tutorial group.they're so committed, meticulous and above of all friendly.hopefully, we gonna make it in the same group for the next semester, so that we can obtain the mark to the fullest,.LOL,it's what exactly happen in this semester, i really satisfied with my carry marks,so imma not to be too focus for my final examination,.haha.

 our last ict lab with puan shazila
 econs' lecturer puan zurina, ya
the princesses together with the queen (madam jam)
 of course arabic class,..the class that i never miss,.haha
 our cake,.cappucino coffee something like that,.=.=*its taste is so weird
 our eng madom cutting the cake,..
 camwhoring session
 we call it photo-gediking after the last lecture end.
 boys with the queen

## actually imma thinking of uploading my few video assignments,...but wait for the time being,i'll do it so