Tuesday, January 17, 2012


ALSP stands for Arabic Language Supporting Program,this program is compulsory
to every usimians for, if we don't have enough attendance for this program,it'll
affect our future,yessss usim is quite complicated.the contents of the program still not being unveiled yet,like the previous year,they need to do some outdoor activities ,for instances commercial film for the product, promoting
the tourism places, for sure those activities cost us a lot.imma not sure if we still need to do this thing again since i've done it in my class for my carry marks,and for tourism i spend almost RM250 for it.we need to spend by our
own money since the university does not provide any  budget for it.The most worst part is the video-editing.
Honestly, imma not good in video editing,and my first attempt is during the tourism promotion video. we spend our day and night to finish them but the result is still not so satisfactory. we do realize we've lot of weaknesses points especially in our script. Al the nahu(grammar in arabic) are messing everywhere and  we are not sure either our viewers understand them or not.
i really hope for our ALSP,there'll be not such this ridiculous activities,and we merely doing some kind of indoor activities like arabic debate, or may be  just mini drama project for arabic that shooting place will be within our campus,and above of all we don't have to spend much money like what we have did before in class.

some pictures during our outdoor activities for tourism promotion:

 of course we're at 4 seasons country
 me,bajet retiss
me discussing our "project"
 bajet ada stalker
imma not in -good kiddo list-

the good news for me,ELSP(English Language Supporting Program), i've got the exceptional because from what i know,students with band 3 and above are not compulsory to attend it,.=)).so i can enjoy another 1 week of holiday from being involved in those crappy things,..

#somebody can help me,i couldn't upload my video,i really want t share it to you,.=.=

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