Tuesday, January 17, 2012

THE END of semester 1

yesterday was my last paper MEA2013 (business economics)
truthfully i am not as ready as i use to be, since i've bought this new lappy , my laziness
is something that inevitable even though i;ve tried my best to avoid it.
if imma not mistaken, a day before, i  forced myself to watch some drama till imma not realized
that actually i've just finished the whole season of the series,.
last saturday, me,shiro(pelat) and semah( mok we) went  to giant just to have the simple meeting
because we're never hanging out together before,since the sem 1 started.
we've talked about something that i never knew before, and thanked to shiro because she revealed it
quite a lot, and then i've realized how ignorant i am before.

may be,before i end up my very first post for my new blog,i should share some of my photos in this semester.Alhamdulillah, imma so glad to have them to be my tutorial group.they're so committed, meticulous and above of all friendly.hopefully, we gonna make it in the same group for the next semester, so that we can obtain the mark to the fullest,.LOL,it's what exactly happen in this semester, i really satisfied with my carry marks,so imma not to be too focus for my final examination,.haha.

 our last ict lab with puan shazila
 econs' lecturer puan zurina, ya
the princesses together with the queen (madam jam)
 of course arabic class,..the class that i never miss,.haha
 our cake,.cappucino coffee something like that,.=.=*its taste is so weird
 our eng madom cutting the cake,..
 camwhoring session
 we call it photo-gediking after the last lecture end.
 boys with the queen

## actually imma thinking of uploading my few video assignments,...but wait for the time being,i'll do it so

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