Monday, January 23, 2012

30 things about me

1-my name is mohamad siddiq bin ibrahim
2-i am 20 years old,yet it is not a good news
3-i like bon jovi's songs,
4-i can't stop myself from watching the same video all the time
5-i can speak arabic and also english
6-i hate my old-school
7-i love cat,and i don't mind if they bite or scratch me
8-i always imaging that i am able to hit the high note
9-i have few friends,and most of them are girls
10-i admire someone from my former school
11-kesuma is the most exhilarating and relaxing place for me
12-i love twitter more than facebook
13-i can;t stop myself from hating teachers and peers in samb***
14-people use to looking down at me during secondary school
15-the place that i always dream to be in is "meja gosip 5 khaldun" all the fresh gossips are here.
16-i hate drinking milk
17-i am become addicted to runningman
18-my favourite body part is my eyes, big and stunning
19-i love the smell of new books as compared to the smell of expensive fragrances.
20-my hobby is camwhoring with the webcam,and also playing pokemon all over again.
21-i still can;t adapt with the situation where i am.
22-i love learning account,but i am not sure whether i have an interest to be an accountant
23-my favourite colors are brown , green and red
24-my favourite car is yellow beetles
25-i am very sensitive and allergic with the dust,
26-my favourite comic is detective conan
27-my favourite anime is fairytail
28-i have less than 50 contact numbers
29-i love my mom more than my dad
30-today i need to attend ALSP for a week,=.=