Monday, February 20, 2012


alhamdulillah today i've just finished with my very first day of semester 2,
it was kinda tired ,yet i can say it was happening at all. starting with mr.norman our
lecturer for principal accounting 1,it seems this accounting quite horrifying because
if we can't manage to pass this paper,we can't pursue with intermediate accounting and advanced too.
we had an ample time in between 1st and 2nd lecture,we ended up by staying in campus for another 4 hours.
yeahhh ,we don't have our own transport,so we just guling-guling at musolla and online with usim's wifi.
the wifi is extremely fast,so i am enjoying with it by download a load of video and movie for my own uses.hehehe.

after we finished our zuhur prayer,we went to dkf1.2 for our 2nd lecture ; principal and practices of's very fun to learn marketing especially the theory since we as the human being,actually we're always deal with marketing thingy in our daily life,.our lecturer name is puan intan fatimah if imma not mistaken,i get confuse in remembering her name because she's resemble with our previous business's lecturer madam linda.

from this first day of lecture,i can conclude that most of our lecturers complaining about the students' time management,couldn't agree no more because i think u shouldn't make any silly reasons or accuses.even imma not lecturer ,yet i'm sick already with those behavior and above of all the SAME face.then ,at last i can read  and know their tricks eg: buddy-tagging.ohh people,what happen to u,u already have ur car, motor and what else not enough for u,yet u still take it as granted. please feel ashamed to us that don't own any of it bu we still can make it before time. =.=,.

so i ended up my first day with cursing u with all my heart.

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