Monday, February 13, 2012

are u ready ?!!

today,i've just finished with my online register for my next semester, and i never thought that we'll face
7 subjects, the most highlighted one is it's gonna 5 core subjects with 3 credit. Imagine if in the final exam
one of them i'll get B,.T_T
look, i can't imagine that i'll learn amalan dan konsep dakwah, may be i'll be
the next person after ustazah ghaibulat

who want B,neither u nor me, we for sure want to get the best of all right?!!

so stop thinking bad or predicting the bad things happen in next semester, what i want are just have fun with
our campus life, and enjoy to learn something new. it'll be fun if we can put all the negative thinking aside, to my friend don't be sad of being in the new group, just open up ur mind and space to them for be ur new classmates. I'd know it's gonna be hard for u to work with new people, new environment . i've been in ur shoes ,and it takes time for us to adapt with it, like the old-saying 

"time heals everything" i guessssssssssss, it true???,.

and for those who'll be the new members for BMB2 i would like to say "welcome to our family"(say it out loud with the warmest love,lol) ,

and one more thing, i've heard the rumors that said there's a few people want to be in our group,ohh i'd really happy to know it,i know that we really that cool till everyone want to be a part of us,..hehehehe

then,  imma really hope that i won't be the head or the class rep for this BMB2, gimme just one semester break from being a class rep.=.=,.may be u may ask some one like budin or anep to be in my place soon. 

p/s: do a pray for my result pleaseeeeeeee,and don't forget pray for the syria tooo

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