Tuesday, February 14, 2012

see it and believe it

please take a look at it

epki  is the system which keep updating ur data current, so i don't feel any doubt about it.Thank you everyone who praying hardly for me,working in a group with me,struggling together with me to obtain a better mark.Not forgotten to my dearest lecturers: Madam jamaliah,madam zurina zakaria,madam zurina kefeli,prof.madya paimah atoma,madam fauziah goals,ustaz aidi mufti, cik hafizah,puan anita and also puan shazila.I hope i can maintain this achievement from now on.

to those who said " don't be too enthusiast to know ur pointer from epki since it's informal" i would like to
response to u with " imma  not kinda of freak or asshole that playing to be afraid to know their results". BARE IN UR MIND,it's none of ur business though, and once more i want to tell u and scream it out loud "and imma not kinda of person that will bossy with others' results and playing to be pathetic with my own result without telling any to them " because this people are  same as the people that i've stated before.

people,can u just being straight-forward, don't hide behind ur own action,and mess around with others.screwww u!!,..sorry for being to harsh,because i've too much pretending to be kind to u even though u're treating me lika a wild one.


  1. Tahniah! Haha.

    Anyway, pasal orang yg suka cakap jangan percaya bla bla bla, some of them mmg sebenarnya takut dgn realiti. Haha. Adalah gak kawan2 aku yg macam tu. Yg sorok pointer pun sama. Like daaaa~ Bukannya aku nak hina pun kalau kau dapat sikit. Tapi, never mind, kau tak nak bagitau, aku lagi tak ingin nak tahulah. Cari je orang pandai hack, minta tolong tengok kalau aku ketagih sangat nak tengok result dia. -.-

    Eh, kbye. Dah terbuat macam post sendiri. Hewhewhew.

  2. mungkin aku boleh repost benda ni,.ya memang pon,.serius annoying manusia mcm tu,.sebab dia mcm sedar dia x yakin dgn usaha sendiri memang memalukan,then ada hati nak tau org punya tanpa bgtw sendiri punya,.agak geram di situ