Monday, April 9, 2012

industrial visit

it's gonna be an english post about our industrial visit to fulfill our assessment of 20%, don't expect it
as just a visit, afterwards we need to prepare the report about our visit, *sighh =.=
but it's okay since we need to make one full report for every tutorial class. Therefore,we already assigned few parts of it for instances;operation,financial,organization,marketing and SWOT. me and the friends of mine were assigned to do the financial part,so we don't have a lot of things to ask about.Then, we decided to ask about the starting capital and how they manage to get that money, by the way,we visited just an SME, and what i really mean is the real SME which the workers are not more than 50 , i guess.

our first place is apam polka dot,it is just an online-based-business, so we're not expected too much, but we learnt lot of things from kak ros about her what the old-saying "never judge the book by its cover",she graduated from UMS in social science,and have been worked as an insurance agent, because of her healthy issue,she need to lessen her movement,so she decided to open up this business.sorry guys,i can't tell about it further because its gonna be a long-long-long post if i keep telling this.

here are some pictures i managed to capture during our excursion:
kak ros apam

she's so into with the demostration


hoho,this situation just remind me to the celebrities or politician's  interview.

when the noobs showed off their nooby skill

=.=,i can't wait to see it's result.

it's suppose to be like this.

still in progress.

before we steamed them with the hot- boiled water.

while we're waiting the apam to be finished from steaming.

i want this mega-apam so badly

shiro and dila

we're also helping those mak ciks in packaging

kak ros gave us the simple briefing about the steaming apam.
don't more than 6 minutes.

me with kak ros apam

me with kak ros'a mom

photography session before we leaved. 
then we moved to banting to have a visit to fazz kerepek's house.luckily i have my dad's number, muaz and adella joharis guidance to this place,but my camera's battery have ran out. T_T,so i can;t capture any picture in kerepek's house.


  1. Shiroooooooooooo!
    Bestlah weh ada baju korporat nak pakai reramai. Damn, bila batch aku nak buat niiii.

  2. haha,tak yah jerit nama shiro sangat,dia tak dengar,hoho,aku x suke,sebab sama dgn pak cik bus,ptotnya hitam pink,ni tertukar merah hitam