Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and i am competing with myself

hello,from now on,u won't seen me in those social network and may be, belogg will be the next one.
The progression of changing my contact number will be done at the end of this month, it is the thing what i've planned yesterday.sorry for those who really miss me a lot, and may be i'll be the most regretful person after doing this drastic changes in my life. I should admit that i am so damn unwilling to do this,but for the sake of my future i need to do it so.Sorry peeps for being too selfish,please pray for me, i can feel it is the only thing that i should do.Lately, all the past memories have overwhelming me,and every time i look at my phone,i don't know to whom i should clinging to? to whom i must tell this thing? and do they really give a damn on this thing?,
those are the questions that lingering in my mind up until now.

=.=,so i wish u all the best,and best of luck

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